Useful Excel Shortcut you SHOULD know (2019)


In this lesson you learn the most useful Excel shortcuts to be able to work faster in Excel.
Most Helpful And Useful Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys we cover are:
1. Move Forward/back between sheets
2. Automatic Sum
3. Select Entire rows
4. Select Entire Columns
5. Add / Remove Filter
6. Current date
7. Current time
8. Move to the edge of data
9. Paste Value
10. New line in a cell
11. Flash fill
12. Hide rows
13. Hide columns
14. Delete the selected column or row
15. Show excel formula or their value
16. Create Chart from selected data
17. Insert new worksheet
18. Format number in coma
19. Format number in Date
20. Format number in Currency format ($)
21. Format number in Percentage
22. Move to cell A1
23. Select cells
24. Insert rows
25. Insert Columns

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